Civil Society Partnerships

POMED’s civil society partnerships program builds the capacity of emerging regional policy centers through mentorship and technical training. We work with civil society organizations across the Middle East and North Africa to strengthen advocacy writing skills, promote policy reform, and improve institutional practices to help ensure organizational viability and impact.

Key Staff

What We Do

POMED partners with select policy-oriented organizations in the Middle East and North Africa to build capacity and strengthen their efficacy in effecting reform and change within their respective countries. In addition to offering training workshops to support its partners in producing policy publications and developing advocacy campaigns, POMED works closely with its partners throughout their projects, providing support and guidance as needed.

POMED takes into consideration a number of factors when identifying potential partners, including

  • the mission and intended activities of the organization,
  • the organization’s institutional development and potential for impact, and
  • POMED’s own areas of expertise and ability to provide relevant mentorship to the potential partner.

POMED is currently working with partner organizations on the following issues:




Tools and Trainings

POMED offers its partners the opportunity to participate in engaging, self-paced training courses in Arabic. These online courses are designed to help civil society actors build the necessary skills for effective policy advocacy, policy writing, and coalition building, among others.

Policy Advocacy Course

Influencing key stakeholders and policymakers through advocacy is essential to convince them that an issue should be urgently addressed, equip them with actionable recommendations, and reinforce their confidence to produce change. Course participants will learn more about how to engage in targeted advocacy as a policy organization or think tank that actively reaches out to and influences relevant decision makers.

If you are interested in registering or learning more, please contact Cynthia Nassif.

Questions About the Program?

Please contact POMED’s Program Director for Civil Society Partnerships Cynthia Nassif at cynthia.nassif@pomed.org with any feedback or questions about the program, including recommendations of potential partners or suggestions to improve our efforts.