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“The NSC Democracy Directorate reliably asserts that democracy and human rights are not just values, but vital national security interests. It remains difficult to get other national security officials on board with this approach. . . . It would require people willing to break with the status quo to implement democracy and human rights as the center of our foreign policy.”
Amy Hawthorne said the conditions cited on the tranche of $75 million included progress on political prisoners and on due process. “Any objective observers would say Egypt has not made clear and constant progress on either of those conditions, especially the second one,” she said. “This is rewarding the Egyptian government for something that is at most a half measure.”

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The advocacy program promotes a pro-democracy U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We engage with policymakers in Congress and the executive branch and collaborate with a broad coalition of activists and advocates in Washington and MENA who support democracy and human rights in the region.
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Civil Society Partnerships

The civil society partnerships program builds the capacity of emerging regional policy centers through mentorship and technical training. We work with civil society organizations across the MENA region to strengthen advocacy writing skills, promote policy reform, and improve institutional practices to help ensure organizational viability and impact.
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The research program produces innovative, rigorous analysis on how genuine democracies can develop in the Middle East and North Africa and how the United States can best support this process. Our work examines civil society, governance, and movements for rights and freedoms in the region as well as U.S. foreign policy toward these issues.
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“The people who give us, the member of Congress, these briefs on what to do, on how to solve these big problems, they far too often have something to gain—have profits in the game—from viewing these problems through a purely military lens. There are often military costs to problems, but POMED gives a much more comprehensive, a much more holistic view of the problem and the solution. And all of us—and certainly Congress—are better off for it.”

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy


“POMED – as all of you know very well – continues to play a hugely important role in focusing all of us on a central reality in the Middle East, and that is that at the core of much of the disorder that all of us see today are some very important deficits, deficits of freedom, of opportunity, and dignity.”

U.S. Ambassador William J. Burns


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