Bahrain’s Renewed Crackdown on Opposition since the 2014 Election 
In 2011, amid uprising across the region, hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis poured into the streets to demand change after decades of authoritarian rule. The government would later quash these protests violently with the help of security forces from other GCC countries.  The timeline identifies key actions in Bahrain’s escalating campaign against civil society, human rights defenders, and opposition leaders since the country’s 2014 parliamentary elections.

Egypt’s Escalating Campaign against Civil Society
Successive Egyptian regimes have sought to stifle independent civil society groups and movements, especially human rights and democracy organizations, using authoritarian laws and other forms of pressure. Members of these groups now face incessant interrogations, asset freezes, arrests or prolonged detention, travel bans, threats and harassment, and intimidation as part of a campaign that ultimately seeks to crush these voices for justice and accountability. The timeline identifies key actions in Egypt’s escalating campaign against civil society and human rights defenders.

U.S. Statements on Turkey’s Attempted Coup: A Timeline
This resource is a timeline of public statements by U.S. officials reacting to the coup attempt in the Turkey as it unfolded the evening of July  15, 2016, as well as statements on Saturday after it had been suppressed and in the subsequent days responding to the Turkish government’s crackdown.