Egypt Daily Update: Hundreds Protest Man’s Death in Custody in Luxor

July 31, 2017

Hundreds Protest Man’s Death in Custody in Luxor

Egyptian Officials Say Resort Attacker Tasked by ISIS

Top Egyptian Court Adjourns Case on Tiran and Sanafir Agreement until October

Cartoon of the Day: Still Hungry

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Hundreds Protest Man’s Death in Custody in Luxor

On Sunday, hundreds of Egyptians gathered [Ar] in front of the Esna police station and Esna Hospital in Luxor Governorate to protest the death of 29-year-old Ahmed Abdelmuttal Badri. Badri was arrested on Saturday on charges of stealing a motorcycle, and died just hours later. Police claim that he slit his wrists and hung himself, but Badri’s family and friends accused the police of killing Badri in custody and then attempting to cover up his murder. Family and friends also claimed that the preliminary medical report called the police’s account of his death into question. Badri’s death is the latest in a number of suspicious deaths of Egyptian citizens in police custody over the past few weeks.

Local politicians apparently attempted to intervene to convince the demonstrators to stop protesting, but were largely unsuccessful. Protesters blocked streets and threw stones before Egyptian security forces dispersed the protests by firing tear gas into the crowd and using force.

Officials Say Resort Attacker Tasked by ISIS

According to the Associated Press, Egyptian security officials said on Sunday that 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban communicated with two high-ranking Islamic State members on social media before killing three tourists and wounding three others earlier this month in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the security officials said that one of the Islamic State recruiters spoke with Shaaban daily to give him instructions and online training for an attack, and then a different ISIS member gave him instructions to carry out an attack against tourists in either Sharm al-Sheikh or Hurghada.

After receiving those instructions, Shaaban took a bus from Kafr el-Sheikh to Hurghada on July 14, where he killed three women from Germany and the Czech Republic and injured two Armenians and a Ukrainian. Shaaban, a graduate of the prestigious al-Azhar University, was arrested after the attack.

Top Court Adjourns Case on Tiran and Sanafir Agreement until October

On Sunday, the Supreme Constitutional Court adjourned the case on the conflict of jurisdiction between the State Council courts and the Court of Urgent Matters over the Red Sea islands agreement. The case, which was scheduled to be ruled upon in July, will now not be heard until October 14. The court case is the final test for the much-criticized agreement that al-Sisi signed in June, though it is unlikely that the court will rule against the government. An in-depth breakdown from POMED on the political saga that surrounded the controversial maritime demarcation deal is available here.

Cartoon of the Day: Still Hungry

Top: “Unprecedented imports of wheat in less than a month”
Below: “We’re still hungry!!!”
Mohamed Anwar
Al-Masry Al-Youm – 07/29/2017

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