Visiting Fellow Bahaa Al-Dahoudi on the Challenges Facing the Gaza Strip

In a guest post for the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), POMED Visiting Fellow Bahaa Al-Dahoudi looks at the challenges facing the Gaza Strip and what action is needed to rebuild the area.

[S]trategic planning cannot happen without proper strategic thinking – meaning that the emerging political, social, and economic structures in the Gaza Strip need support. Academics and experts must be enabled to constructively engage in the key issues of domestic Palestinian issues. These experts need assistance in finding feasible solutions, through the use of collective thinking, to the complicated technical, emotional, and political problems. This fact holds true in all possible scenarios.

This process needs a strong, constructive, and visible involvement of civil society actors. Only by doing so will the restoration and reconciliation process stand a chance of achieving the high expectations that the Palestinian population has set vis-à-vis the reconciliation agreement, elections, and a new government.

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