POMED’s Amy Hawthorne Quoted in the New York Times

POMED’s Deputy Director for Research Amy Hawthorne was quoted extensively by the New York Times on May 29, in regards to Egyptian President al-Sisi’s ratification of a repressive NGO law.

“’Egypt and other regimes like Bahrain definitely feel they have a green light from Trump to undertake repressive actions in the name of counterterrorism and to anticipate that the Trump administration will not issue a word of criticism,” said Amy Hawthorne, an Egypt expert at the Project on Middle East Democracy in Washington.


“This is a very bad day for Egypt,” said Ms. Hawthorne, the analyst, who predicted that the new law would weaken Egypt by effectively criminalizing the work of many aid groups.

“We have a terrible experience of seeing what happens when authoritarian regimes crush that space between citizens and the state,” she said. “It’s what happened under Qaddafi in Libya, and it’s what happened under Saddam Hussein in Iraq. And it never leads to stability.”

The full article is available here.

Check out our Fact Sheet about the law for more information on how it could crush human rights activity and tighten security control over all of civil society.