POMED Report Cited: “Senate hits the brakes on Tunisia aid boost”

In coverage of the U.S. federal budget and appropriations process, Al Monitor correspondent Julian Pecquet cites POMED’s annual report on U.S. assistance to the Middle East and North Africa.

Panelists at the July 14 hearing also urged greater investment in efforts to help Tunisia’s democratic transition. They noted that a paltry 16% of the State Department’s FY 2016 request — about $21 million — is set aside for democracy and governance programs, according to an analysis by the Project on Middle East Democracy.

“Building a democratic culture does not start, nor end, with an election cycle,” panel witnesses from the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems wrote in an op-ed for The Hill just before the July 14 hearing, which was attended by the country’s new ambassador to Washington, Faysal Gouia. “Renewed support to strengthen democratic behavior within Tunisia’s major political parties and to begin equipping electoral institutions and political stakeholders with know-how for local elections should occur without further delay.”

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