POMED Report Cited: “Chaos in Libya Confounds Congress”

In an article for Al Monitor, congressional correspondent Julian Pecquet cites POMED’s annual report on the federal budget and appropriations to make a caveat about U.S. funding for Libya. 

In spite of the chaos, the State Department has proposed more than tripling its bilateral aid to Libya in next year’s fiscal year, from $6.2 million last year to $20 million. Half would go to economic support, the other half to military and security assistance.

The Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), however, points out that Libya in the past has received support through other avenues, making the numbers potentially misleading.

“The size of the requested increase in bilateral assistance could be misleading if taken at face value, as the majority of assistance to Libya since 2011 has been provided outside of the bilateral account,” says POMED’s report on the FY 2016 budget proposal. “As such, this budget increase represents an effort to begin consolidating assistance into the bilateral account, rather than to dramatically increase overall funding for the country.”

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