POMED Executive Director Quoted by the Associated Press

On September 19, 2017, POMED’s Executive Director Stephen McInerney spoke with Josh Lederman of the Associated Press about a memo that Secretary of State Tillerson sent to Congress on the status of human rights in Egypt. This “memorandum of justification” was legally required as a result of Secretary Tillerson waiving the human rights condition attached to Egypt’s aid package.

“The report said Egypt has only allowed U.S. officials to visit certain facilities used by an international observer force, and development projects near the Suez Canal. Stephen McInerney, who runs the Washington-based Project on Middle East Democracy, said that raises questions about whether the U.S. can legally keep providing military aid and equipment. Under the terms of the aid, the U.S. must be able to monitor how money and weapons transferred to foreign governments are used.

“’The U.S. administration deserves credit for acknowledging in this report the brutal reality of escalating human rights abuses by the Egyptian state,’ McInerney said.”

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