POMED & Atlantic Council Call for Increased Yemen Support

The Yemen Policy Initiative – a joint effort of POMED and the Hariri Center for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council – released a statement yesterday calling for the international community to focus on Yemen’s political transition and humanitarian crisis ahead of an important donors meeting next week. The statement applauded Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi‘s recent slate of reforms, including military restructuring and progress on the inclusive National Dialogue program, but warned that without sustained international pressure and support, the “transition is at risk of faltering.” The statement included several recommendations for the U.S. Government to help meet Yemen’s looming economic, political, humanitarian and security challenges:

  • Send a strong signal of American support for Yemen’s political transition with a visit by Secretary Clinton to Sana’a in the coming months and committing to her presence at the Friends of Yemen meeting on September 27.
  • Increase pressure on Gulf states and other allies to fulfill prior pledges made to the Friends of Yemen and to make new contributions based on the new two-year transition plan submitted by the Yemeni Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.
  • Increase contributions for humanitarian and emergency support and encourage other partners to do the same. The UN estimates that it needs $591 million to meet current humanitarian needs in Yemen but has received less than half that amount.
  • Continue to support a National Dialogue process that is truly representative of all major stakeholders in Yemen and includes meaningful roles for youth and women.
  • Maintain pressure on elements that seek to undermine or derail the transition process through political or military means and clearly state U.S. willingness to invoke sanctions authorized by President Obama’s June 2012 Executive Order against any actors seeking to obstruct Yemen’s transition to an accountable, democratic government.
  • Raise concerns with the Yemeni government about ongoing human rights abuses on the part of government and military forces that are used to suppress peaceful protest and dissent.
The statement was translated into Arabic and published in several Yemeni news sources as well. For more information about the Yemen Policy Initiative, view a one-page informational sheet here.