Nonresident Senior Nadwa Al-Dawsari: “Finding a New Approach to Yemen’s Peace Talks”

In MENASource, POMED Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa Al-Dawsari analyzes the limits of the third round of Yemen peace talks in Kuwait.

The UN and the international community can continue to put pressure on the warring parties in Kuwait to establish a ceasefire and an initial agreement on a solution, but it is also critical to acknowledge the limitations of the talks in its current state. Factionalization in post-2011 Yemen is a reality, and any band-aid solutions to end the conflict will only reinforce previous patterns of exclusion and marginalization. If the UN, the Saudis, and the international community engage local actors including governors, security officials, and key resistance leaders in the talks, this will likely help ease local tensions and strengthen governance, improve security, and promote peacebuilding efforts in the immediate and long run.

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