Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa Dawsari Quoted in The National on Saleh’s House Arrest

On August 28, 2017, POMED Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa Dawsari was quoted in The National in an article entitled “Houthis Place Saleh under House Arrest in Yemen, Reports Say.”

“The alliance between Houthis and Saleh is officially over and it will only get worse,” said Nadwa Al Dawsari, a senior fellow at the Project on Middle East Democracy. “The result of this conflict will determine the future of Yemen.”

Although the former president’s popularity has increased, Mr Saleh cannot isolate himself from the Houthis as the rebel group seem to have the upper hand militarily in Sanaa. Nonetheless, the marriage of convenience, as it is often called, is likely to come to a complete breakdown, said Ms Al Dawsari.

It is difficult to predict how the future of their relationship will pan out at the moment, she said, “but one will have to eliminate the other to survive”.

“Saleh and Houthis are enemies. They always have been. They are now each other’s’ worse enemy,” she added.

Ms Al Dawsari said the best chance of survival for Mr Saleh and his party was to join forces with president Abdrabu Mansur Hadi and the coalition to defeat the Houthis. Mediation efforts might occur but are unlikely to produce any results.

“Get prepared for another humanitarian disaster,” she said. “Sanaa is a big city and has been hosting hundreds of thousands” of people already displaced from other areas by the war.

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