Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa al-Dawsari Quoted on Tribes in Yemen

In an article for Middle East Eye, POMED Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa al-Dawsari is quoted on the possible role of tribes in ending conflict in Yemen.

According to Yemen tribal expert and nonresident senior fellow at Project on Middle East Democracy, Nadwa al-Dawsari, tribes’ relationships remain flexible because their leadership will tend to stay neutral and non-confrontational unless they are attacked or feel threatened.

“Tribes and tribalism are largely misunderstood in the media,” says Dawsari. “Yemen’s tribes are highly pragmatic…and have succeeded repeatedly in putting an end to clashes and stopping attacks.

“Especially now that the conflict is so localised, tribal leaders can help to mitigate some of these disputes. They have more incentive. They’re thinking about their families, their businesses, the safety of their communities. They live there.”

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