Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa Al Dawsari Quoted on Ongoing Crisis in Yemen

In an article for Mic, POMED Nonresident Senior Fellow Nadwa Al Dawsari is quoted on the effects of ongoing conflict in Yemen.

“His call, ‘Don’t bury me,’ represents Yemen’s call to not bury us,” Nadwa Al-Dawsari told Mic. Al-Dawasari is a Yemeni and senior nonresident fellow with the Project on Middle East Democracy who specializes in conflict. “It represents what Yemen is facing now because of the war. It stirred a lot of anger,” she said.

Al-Dawsari has been vocal about Shawky’s death on social media. She hopes this will catalyze an international initiative to stop the violence. For many, the story is painfully reminiscent of Aylan Kurdi, the 3-year-old Syrian refugee who washed up on a Turkish shore after a failed attempt to flee his homeland with his family. The image of his body stirred the world into action.

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“[The world needs to] stop thinking about Yemen through a lens of international actors and regional politics,” Al-Dawsari said. “The international community needs to recognize local actors are important and engage them in a dialogue. They need to come up with a process where they’re involved.”

She argues engaging local political and resistance leaders with legitimacy on the ground is the most effective way to tackle volatility — more effective than airstrikes, at least.

“At this stage, the best outcome would be for the fighting to stop and negotiations [to commence],” Al-Dawsari added. “But also government-wise and politically, [it] would be to see local authorities being strengthened and empowered, taking charge in governance.”

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