Deputy Director for Policy Andrew Miller Quoted in New York Times

On November 30, 2017, Deputy Director for Policy Andrew Miller spoke with David D. Kirkpatrick of the New York Times about how Egypt’s closer relationship with Russia will strain U.S.-Egypt relations.

In practical terms, the presence of Russian jets in Egypt would raise concerns about the operational security of American military personnel and require coordinating with American military planes in the same airspace.

“It’s a major problem for the United States-Egypt defense relationship,” said Andrew Miller, a former senior State Department official who is now at the Project on Middle East Democracy.

Some analysts speculated that Cairo might hope to persuade Moscow to restore tourist flights that it cut off because of security concerns after militants downed a Russian chartered jet leaving the resort of Sharm el Sheikh two years ago.

Egypt may also hope to persuade Russia to move ahead with the preliminary deal to build a nuclear power plant. “There is a long history of Russian preliminary agreements that take forever or never occur,” said Mr. Miller, the former State Department official.

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