Deputy Director Amy Hawthorne Quoted on Arab Spring after Five Years

In an article for Voice of America, POMED Deputy Director for Research Amy Hawthorne looks at the current state of affairs in countries that experienced uprisings during the Arab Spring.

“Almost every Arab country is either worse off than it was in 2011 or no significant positive change has occurred, so the phase that the region is in right now is a brutal winter,” said Amy Hawthorne, Deputy Director of Research at Project on Middle East Democracy.

The one exception, she says: partial success in Tunisia.

It was unique circumstances in that country that made for a different outcome.

“Tunisia does not have a very powerful or politically influential military, and that allowed civilian politicians and civil forces to dominate the political transition into democracy,” Hawthorne said. “Tunisia also has a strong civil society and pragmatic secular and Islamist political leaders who wisely managed the transition.”

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