Advocacy Director Cole Bockenfeld: “An Observer’s View in DC”

In a post for the International Republican Institute’s Democracy Speaks blog, Cole Bockenfeld writes on Tunisia’s legislative elections and his experience as an international election observer.

For many Tunisians these days, Western observers pointing to their country as a “model for the region” elicits a measured hesitation.  The country has earned widespread praise for passing a new democratic constitution with overwhelming support, peacefully handing over power to a caretaker government early this year, and maintaining stability while much of the region has plunged into chaos.  Many Tunisians agree that things are better there than in other Arab countries in transition, yet want much more than just to be the only country that has not seen its democratic transition derailed.  People are understandably anxious about a number of unresolved economic and security problems, which politicians have largely failed to tackle in the last four years.

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