Tunisian Presidential Adviser Resigns


Photo Credit: mosaiquefm.net

Tunisian Presidential adviser el-Hadi Belabbas resigned his post Friday as political turmoil continues throughout the country. Belabbas resigned just days after members of the National Constituent Assembly announced that they would suspend its work until dialogue is resumed. Prime Minister Ali Layaredh pledged Thursday to work with the opposition to end the current crisis in Tunisia. Layaredh, speaking publicly for the first time since the dissolution of the National Constituent Assembly, said, “Dialogue is the best way to overcome difficulties and resolve current problems. The government will spare no effort to support the process of dialogue.”

Ennahda officials also commented on the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly saying “there is no coup d’etat in Tunisia.” They rejected comparisons of the circumstances in Egypt to those in Tunisia saying, “What is unfolding in Egypt is not an attractive prospect for any sane person. The Egyptian scenario indeed proves that the disruption of a political process only leads to further division, instability, chaos and violence.”

Activist Mouna Ben Halima criticized the Ennahda government for failing to adequately crack down on extremists. She expressed concern that continued instability will further cripple Tunisia’s economy saying, ”The economy is in a dire state. Investment has been stopped by political instability, the stock market is in free fall and inflation is galloping. The less favored classes can no longer handle it.”