Yemen: 12 Dead after Security Forces Attack Demonstration

Yemeni security forces opened fire on pro-democracy demonstrations, killing 12 people. The forces used live ammo, tear gas, and water cannons to disperse the protesters in Change Square in Sanaa. Witnesses say the violence started when snipers opened fire on the demonstrations, followed by heavy machine gun fire.”I have seen people rushed into the back of cars with blood pouring from their chests,” recalled one eyewitness.

Protesters called for the resignation of Mr Saleh marched from their stronghold in Change Square to an area controlled by the elite Republican Guard force, which is loyal to the president. State television reported that “protesters had opened fire on civilians after taking out an “unauthorised” protest from Sitin Street to the Aser area.”

The Yemeni defense minster stated the Al-Qaeda media cheif, Egyptian-born Ibrahim al-Banna, was killed yesterday along with eight others in a late night airstrike. A statement was released regarding his death, stating “al-Banna was wanted “internationally” for “planning attacks both inside and outside Yemen.┬áHe was one of the group’s most dangerous operatives.” A pipeline serving fields in the Al-Hadhina district was attacked by a rocket-propelled grenade, leading many to believe the attack was a response to the death of al-Banna.