2013: McCain’s Vision

In a speech delivered today in Columbus, Ohio, John McCain sought to lay out his vision for the U.S. at the end of his first term in January 2013.  With regard to the Middle East, McCain focused solely on Iraq, which he believes will be a “functioning democracy” still suffering some lingering ill effects from tyranny and sectarian tension.  The U.S. role in Iraq will be massively reduced to minor non-combat operations. AQI will have been defeated and the overall terrorist threat to the U.S. “greatly reduced” thanks to effective counterinsurgency cooperation with allies and governments in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A nascent “League of Democracies” will have gained credibility through pressuring the government of Sudan to accept a robust multinational peacekeeping operation, and the League will be prepared to tackle similar challenges around the globe.

Robert Kagan defends McCain’s League of Democracies concept in the Financial TimesIlan Goldenberg is wary of any hopeful words from McCain, and Matt Yglesias seconds his skepticism.