Iran: A Call for Renewed Creativity as Pressure on Students Grows

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Persian Service reports that the number of students in prison for activism is the “highest in decades.” Across Iran, over 73 student activists are in prison, many serving long sentences. The increasing severity of the regime’s tactics represents a significant shift in strategy, according to opposition leaders.  At The Guardian’s Comment is Free, Saeed Kamali Dehghan highlights the creativity of student activists in Iran and elsewhere depicted in Steve Crawshaw and John Jackson’s new book “Small Acts of Resistance: How a Bit of Courage, Tenacity and Ingenuity Can Change the World.” Dehghan adds that the Green Movement must once again find the creativity and determination that fueled their campaign in 2009: “After a year of losses and injuries, it’s the time for the green movement in Iran to find itself again. For that, its supporters should read Crawshaw and Jackson’s book to learn how people in Poland, Afghanistan, Germany, UK and Burma as well as many others across the world have been able to ‘bring down dictatorships, change unjust laws or simply give individuals a renewed sense of their own humanity against those who deny it.’”