POMED Notes: Ashraf Ghani on Rebuilding Afghanistan

The Center for American Progress hosted Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Chairman of the Institute for State Effectiveness and former Minister of Finance in Afghanistan, to discuss the troubling state of nation building in Afghanistan and what can be done to improve the situation. Dr Ghani was introduced by Gayle Smith, Senior Fellow and Co-Chair of the ENOUGH Project at CAP.

Dr. Ghani said there is a loss of trust of the Afghan population in both its government and the international community. He said government corruption is endemic, the police force is dysfunctional, and the insurgency is ascendant.

Despite this, he stressed the overwhelming desire in the population for rule of law, and said that the Afghan people are not ideologically committed to the Taliban. In the short term, he said the government must prioritize law and order and the creation of jobs to mitigate the 40-60% unemployment rate.

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