Through Research, Dialogue, Advocacy, and Civil Society Partnerships, we work to strengthen support for genuine democratic development in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Research: We support innovative research driven by rigorous analysis and actionable policy options in a wide array of publications. Our mission is to educate and inform policy makers and the public on how genuine democracies can develop in the Middle East, and how the U.S. can best support that process. To view POMED’s publications, click here.
  • Dialogue: We foster dialogue between and among Americans and Middle Easterners by conducting panel discussions, working groups, and roundtables in Washington and elsewhere that bring together local and regional experts, as well as organizing conferences in the Middle East on political reform and U.S. policy. To view recent events held by POMED, click here.
  • Advocacy: We promote a consistent and credible pro-democracy foreign policy toward the Middle East through government relations, leveraging relationships with policymakers on Capitol Hill and in the executive branch. The advocacy program also works with a broad coalition of activists and advocates in Washington and the Middle East to highlight key issues and empower those who share a commitment to supporting democracy and human rights in the region. To view articles written by POMED staff, mentions of POMED’s work in the media, and letters released by POMED, click here.
  • Civil Society Partnerships: We collaborate with NGOs in the region to build their capacity and increase the impact of regional think tanks and advocacy organizations. In a healthy democracy, advocacy organizations and think tanks serve as critical links between government and engaged citizens. Building off its own experiences, POMED guides and mentors its partners in producing policy analysis and developing policy recommendations for their national policymakers, mirroring the role played by POMED in Washington. For more information, click here.